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Medium size round shape Metal free earring in Black shiny finish View larger

Medium size round shape Metal free earring in Black shiny finish

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Fancy Metal free earring is handmade in Europe. Product is made without any kind of metal parts to make it completely metal free for people, who have very sensitive skin or allergies from metal parts. Product is hand encrusted with Swarovski® crystals and comes with certificate to validate its authenticity. Metal free earring is made of bioplastic - cellulose acetate. Metal free earring is proper to wear for night at the Theater, Opera or Ballet.
From the first to the last stage, all our Kosmart healthy fashion earrings are handmade in Europe (Lithuania) by highly - experienced craftsmen in our factory. Hand - encrusted finest quality Swarovski(R) crystals and pearls adorn most Kosmart earrings, with a unique code confirming their authenticity. The precious bio - plastic we use has up to 95 % natural ingredients such as wood and cotton. Kosmart earrings are made of 100 % plastic, without metal parts, what makes them hypoallergenic healthy fashion earrings. Use your imagination to choose different styles earrings for each side or be more conservative by choosing the same style for both ears. 
All Kosmart line earrings are sold by one piece, so that you can buy and mix any style you want! We recommend to choose the same style, but reverse color combination, what makes you look really exceptional!
Medium size
Star Trek
A Whole New Ballgame

$ 10.20

May 23, 2019
shine so nicely
These earrings are just perfect! I love how tiny swarovski crystals shine so nicely. In real they look much better!!